Email all proposal forms to: [email protected]

The ARO Program Committee now welcomes the submission of proposals for Symposia, Workshops, and Young Investigator Symposia for the 2020 MidWinter Meeting. The submission deadline is April 1, 2019 at 5 pm Central Standard Time in the USA.  

Symposia are organized as a series of oral presentations on a theme. Preference will be given to proposals that (i) strive for timely syntheses across or within existing disciplines; (ii) explore novel approaches that will expand research in new directions; (iii) include speakers who are first-time ARO speakers, women, and/or speakers from underrepresented minorities. Speakers from outside the usual ARO circle are encouraged insofar as they contribute a novel perspective. Proposals that bridge clinical and basic research are encouraged. Proposals on topics covered by other recent ARO Symposia or Workshops are discouraged (see recent ARO Program books). 

Please note the following information regarding time allocations:

  • All Symposia, Workshops, and Young-Investigator Symposia have a maximum duration of 2 hours. Individual presentations may be either 15 or 30 minutes. Combinations of 15/30 minute presentations are welcome.
  • Symposia must include at least one 30-minute presentation. (This restriction does not apply to Young Investigator Symposia.) Otherwise, allocation of presentation times is at the discretion of the organizers. The allocation must be specified in the proposal.
  • Workshops must be on topics of interest to a focused subgroup of ARO members. For example, they can focus on a particular technical innovation or on an important goal undertaken by an ARO committee.  

PROPOSAL SUBMISSION INVOLVES JUST ONE STEP: Electronic submission of the completed Symposium Proposal FormWorkshop Proposal Formor Young Investigator Symposia Proposal Form, to [email protected] NO LATER than April 1, 2019 by 5pm Central Standard Time in the USA (earlier submission is encouraged if possible). Once the form is submitted it cannot be edited. Notifications of accepted proposals will go out no later than mid-May. 

Organizers must provide the following critical pieces of information on the electronic form:

  • Name of the organizer(s) with contact information, including email addresses
  • The Symposium (or Workshop) title
  • A brief (<300 word) description of the theme and target audience
  • An ordered list of invited speakers with descriptive titles of their topics and the lengths of their presentations (each presentation can be either 15 or 30 minutes; the total duration of the session must not exceed two hours)
  • A 100-word abstract from each of the invited speakers. If a proposal is accepted, the symposium/workshop organizers will be responsible for uploading final versions of the abstracts to the abstract-submission site and will be sent a special link for this purpose. The final versions will be published in the abstract book.
  • Detailed travel budget, if appropriate, to offset the cost of travel for non-ARO members.  Please review the Travel reimbursement policy which can be found on the ARO website. 
  • A memorandum of understanding, indicating that each speaker has been contacted and agreed to participate and that the budget proposal is understood by all organizer and non-member invited speakers. 

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Scientific Program Committee Chairs, Drs. Carolina Abdala ([email protected]) and Christopher Shera ([email protected]).