Outreach Events

Public Speakers

The ARO is proud to host free public events at most of our annual meetings, bringing inspirational speakers with personal connections to the world of hearing and balance. Recent speakers include Vint Cerf (Google, Chief Internet Evangelist), Tamika Catchings (WNBA superstar), and Shilo Harris (Veteran and author).

Interactive Education

In partnership with the spARO, we have brought science to the public with "reverse" science fairs, where the public gets to judge the scientists. Demonstrations are highly interactive and encompass practically all aspects of hearing and balance, normal structure and function as well as pathology, prevention of disease, and therapy.


Science Cafe

During the annual MidWinter Meetings, some of our scientists also venture out to hold Science Cafes.  By holding these events at regional bars, in partnership with local science organizations, we are helping to build bridges between the scientific community and the public. 


Music Events

There is a natural and powerful connection between music and science that finds no greater bond than in otolaryngology. We have been fortunate to partner with outstanding musicians across the country to host music events interspersed with talks about how the ear and mind processes the rich acoustic world around us.